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Profile Paving

Concerete Restore

We specialise in restoring pattern imprinted concrete.

At Profile Paving we have a team who specialise in pattern imprinted concrete restoration.

All pattern imprinted installations done by Profile or any other company will need resealing after a period of 3.5 to 4 years, unfortunately some property owners don't realise this and if the installation is left longer then the recommended reseal period this can lead to more severe restoration work being needed for example, 

This is one example of a driveway that has lost all its colour due to lack of maintenance, this will then allow wet weather and frosty conditions to damage the drive.

Due to the length of time this driveway had been left unsealed it required a full restoration consisting of, crack repairs, chip repairs, recolouring and sealing.

Not all drives will need this level of restoration.

Here are the results after the restoration has been carried out.

The drive has been returned to its original appearance and once again looks like a new, freshly laid driveway.

This driveway will now only need to be resealed every 3-4 years and no other colour applications will be needed.

For your free quotation please call us on

0121 3546703

Special offer

50 % off all concerete repairs,

offer ends March 31st 2014.

Driveway cleaned, recoloured and sealed from as little as £150.00 

How we can bring your drive back to life!