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Profile Paving

Special offers

50 % off all concerete repairs,

offer ends March 31st 2014.

Driveway cleaned, re-sanded and sealed from as little as £150.00  

Before & After

Clean and seal by Profile Paving

We can offer a 3 layered service program for cleaning and restoring your drive or patio.

Most surfaces will require a thorough clean only which will remove all the dirt, grime, moss, algae etc which accumulates on all outdoor hard surfaces. Without periodic cleaning surfaces often become slippery and dangerous and also detract from the appearance of the property.

A brief explanation of each service is listed below.

Service A

This is a deep clean of your drive or patio using high-pressure rotary cleaning machines to restore the surface bringing back it's former colour and appearance. If the surface is concrete, tarmac, slabs, flagstones etc. this is normally the only process needed.

Service B

If your drive or patio consists of block paving or similar then not only will it require a thorough deep clean, it may also require to be re-sanded between the joints of the bricks as the high-pressure washers blow out some of the jointing sand.

If re-sanding is required then a slight extra charge is made to cover the brushing in of kiln dried sand which is essential to reduce any further movement of the bricks.

Service C

If you wish your drive or patio to be sealed after cleaning to both protect it from the elements and to enhance its colour then a sealant can be applied. The types of sealant vary and can be discussed in more detail prior to the cleaning if required.

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